The 2021 Vuelta a España
is a three-week Grand Tour cycling stage racebetween 14 August and 5 September 2021
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Vuelta a Espana 1991

The 46th Edition Vuelta a España (Tour of Spain), a long-distance bicycle stage race and one of the three grand tours, was held from 29 April to 19 May 1991. It consisted of 21 stages covering a total of 3,215.5 km (1,998 mi), and was won by Melchor Mauri of the ONCE cycling team.

1991 Vuelta a España
Race details
Dates 24 April – 15 May
Stages 22
Distance 3,680 km (2,287 mi)
Winning time 94h 36′ 40″
Winner  Marco Giovannetti (ITA) (Seur)
Second  Pedro Delgado (ESP) (Banesto)
Third  Anselmo Fuerte (ESP) (ONCE)

Points  Uwe Raab (GDR) (PDM)
Mountains  José Martín Farfán (COL) (Kelme-Ibexpress)
Youth  Uwe Ampler (GDR) (PDM)
Combination  Federico Echave (ESP) (CLAS-Cajastur)
Sprints  Miguel Ángel Iglesias (ESP) (Puertas Mavisa)
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Route and stages

Stages and winners
Stage Date Course Winner General Classification leader
1 29 April Mérida (TTT)[nb 1]  Melchor Mauri (ESP)  Melchor Mauri (ESP)
2a 30 April Mérida to Cáceres  Michel Zanoli (NED)  Anselmo Fuerte (ESP)
2b 30 April Montijo to Badajoz (TTT)  ONCE (ESP)  Anselmo Fuerte (ESP)
3 1 May Badajoz to Seville  Jesper Skibby (DEN)  Herminio Díaz Zabala (ESP)
4 2 May Seville to Jaén  Jesus Cruz Martin (ESP)  Melchor Mauri (ESP)
5 3 May Linares to Albacete  Uwe Raab (GER)  Melchor Mauri (ESP)
6 4 May Albacete to Valencia  Jean-Paul van Poppel (NED)  Melchor Mauri (ESP)
7 5 May Palma de Mallorca  Jesper Skibby (DEN)  Melchor Mauri (ESP)
8 6 May Cala d’Or (ITT)  Melchor Mauri (ESP)  Melchor Mauri (ESP)
9 7 May Sant Cugat del Vallès to Lloret de Mar  Jean-Paul van Poppel (NED)  Melchor Mauri (ESP)
10 8 May Lloret de Mar to Andorra la Vella, Andorra  Guido Bontempi (ITA)  Melchor Mauri (ESP)
11 9 May Andorra la Vella, Andorra to Pla-de-Beret Stage cancelled  Melchor Mauri (ESP)
12 10 May Bossòst to Cerler  Ivan Ivanov (URS)  Melchor Mauri (ESP)
13 11 May Benasque to Zaragoza  Jean-Paul van Poppel (NED)  Melchor Mauri (ESP)
14 12 May Ezcaray to Valdezcaray (ITT)  Fabio Parra (COL)  Melchor Mauri (ESP)
15 13 May Santo Domingo de la Calzada to Santander  Guido Bontempi (ITA)  Melchor Mauri (ESP)
16 14 May Santander to Lagos de Covadonga  Luis Herrera (COL)  Melchor Mauri (ESP)
17 15 May Cangas de Onís to Alto del Naranco  Laudelino Cubino (ESP)  Melchor Mauri (ESP)
18 16 May León to Valladolid  Antonio Miguel Díaz (ESP)  Melchor Mauri (ESP)
19 17 May Valladolid (ITT)  Melchor Mauri (ESP)  Melchor Mauri (ESP)
20 18 May Palazuelos de Eresma  Jesús Montoya (ESP)  Melchor Mauri (ESP)
21 19 May Collado Villalba to Madrid  Jean-Paul van Poppel (NED)  Melchor Mauri (ESP)


Final General Classification

Rank Rider Team Time
1 Spain Melchor Mauri ONCE 82h 48′ 07s
2 Spain Miguel Induráin Banesto a 2′ 52s
3 Spain Marino Lejarreta ONCE a 3′ 11s
4 Spain Federico Echave CLAS-Cajastur a 3′ 54s
5 Colombia Fabio Parra Amaya Seguros a 5′ 38s
6 Spain Pello Ruiz Cabestany CLAS-Cajastur a 6′ 50s
7 Mexico Raúl Alcalá PDM-Concorde a 6′ 57s
8 Latvia Piotr Ugrumov Seur a 10′ 43s
9 Netherlands Steven Rooks Buckler a 12′ 09s
10 Colombia Oliverio Rincón Kelme a 12′ 11s
11 Spain Eduardo Chozas ONCE
12 Netherlands Tom Cordes PDM-Ultima-Concorde
13 Colombia Luis Herrera Ryalco-Postobon
14 Spain Ignacio Gaston Crespo CLAS-Cajastur
15 Spain Laudelino Cubino Gonzalez Amaya
16 Spain Jon Unzaga Bombin Seur
17 Germany Udo Bölts Telekom-Mercedes-Merckx
18 Italy Marco Giovannetti Gatorade-Chateau d’Ax
19 Soviet Union Ivan Ivanov Seur
20 Spain Fernando Martinez De Guerenu Puertas Mavisa
21 Spain Francisco Javier Mauleon CLAS-Cajastur
22 Colombia Alvaro Meija Castrillon Ryalco-Postobon
23 Spain Jesus Montoya Alarcon Amaya
24 France Fabrice Philipot Banesto
25 Colombia Gerardo Moncada Ryalco-Postobon
Final Stage Competition ends in :
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