The 2019 Vuelta a España
is a three-week Grand Tour cycling stage racebetween 24 August and 15 September 2019
Final Stage Competition starts in:
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General manager: José Manuel Hernández
Stage victories-
Riders in the race6

A seasoned team in La Vuelta's history, Caja Rural-Segures RGA competed in Spain for the first time in 2012. This year, they received one of the four invites and they want to achieve the same goal from last year - if not better. Antonio Piedra managed a spectacular debut campain in Tour of Spain at Lagos de Covadonga. Notable past performances include King of the Mountain victories in 2014 and 2015. David Arroyo finished in twelfth place last year at Vuelta.

№ 2
David Arroyo
Born on 1980/07/01 at Talavera de la Reina;1.70m/60kg
№ 3
Pello Bilbao
Born on 1990/25/02 at Pello Bilbao; 1.74m/60kg
№ 6
Sergio Pardilla
Born on 1984/16/01 at Membrilla; 1.81m/68kg
№ 7
Eduard Prades
Born on 1987/09/08 at Tarragona; 1.78m/63kg
№ 8
Jaime Roson
Born on 1993/13/01 at Madrid; 1.79m/62kg
№ 9
Hugh Carthy
Born on 1994/04/07 at Preston; 1.89m/63kg
Final Stage Competition starts in :