The 2022 Vuelta a España
is a three-week Grand Tour cycling stage racebetween 19 August and 11 September 2022
Final Stage Competition starts in:
00d:09h:11m :42s
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General manager: Yvon Sanquer
Stage victories-
Riders in the race6

One of the oldest teams in the standings, Cofidis is a regular partipant in the Vuelta, having missed the Tour of Spain only in 2000. The French always come with powerful line-ups and fight for good positions in the general classification. They have a total of 14 partial victories, and 5 King of the Mountain triumphs, including 4 with spectacular cylist Moncoutié. Cofidis has an incredible history behind, with some of the most amazing finales of this sport, and Moncoutié was part of most of them. The victory tally was increased in 2014 by Dani Navarro.

№ 2
Loic Chetout
Born on 1992/23/09 at Bayonne;1.70m/60kg
№ 3
Jerome Cousin
Born on 1989/05/06 at Saint-Sebastien-sur-Loire; 1.80m/74kg
№ 4
Romain Hardy
Born on 1988/24/08 at Belgium ; 1.72m/62kg
№ 5
Luis Angel Mate
Born on 1984/23/03 at Luis Angel Mate ; 1.78m/72kg
№ 6
Rudy Molard
Born on 1989/17/09 at Gleize; 1.78m/62kg
№ 7
Stephane Rossetto
Born on 1987/06/04 at Melun; 1.80m/66kg
Final Stage Competition starts in :
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