The 2019 Vuelta a España
is a three-week Grand Tour cycling stage racebetween 24 August and 15 September 2019
Final Stage Competition starts in:
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General manager: Giuseppe Saronni
Stage victories1
Riders in the race8

A classic international name in the cycling world, they will compete in the Tour of Spain for the ninteenth time. Their debut took place in 1993 (!) and have never missed an edition this century. The flashy fuchsia and blue outfits will again be worn by the Italian cyclists of Lampre Merida.

The team has 18 partial victories, starting in 1993 with a win by Sergei Outshakov from Ukraine. Recent notable past performances include the unforgettable stage in Madrid when Ruben Plaza did an impressive work in 2015. Tiralongo has the best ever position of this team in the general classification (2009).

№ 1
Louis Meintjes
Born on 1992/21/02 at South Africa;1.73m/61kg
№ 2
Yukiya Arashiro
Born on 1984/22/09 at Ishigaki;1.70m/65kg
№ 3
Mattia Cattaneo
Born on 1990/25/10 at Alzano Lombardo; 1.82m/60kg
№ 4
Valerio Conti
Born on 1993/30/03 at Italy; 1.72m/60kg
№ 5
Mario Costa
Born on 1985/15/11 at Matosinhos; 1.60m/59kg
№ 6
Kristijan Durasek
Born on 1987/26/07 at Varazdin; 1.70m/56kg
№ 7
Tsgabu Grmay
Born on 1991/25/08 at Mek'ele; 1.75m/63kg
№ 8
Ilia Koshevoy
Born on 1991/20/03 at Minsk; 1.81m/62kg
Final Stage Competition starts in :