The 2024 Vuelta a España
is a three-week Grand Tour cycling stage racebetween 17 August - 8 September 2024
Final Stage Competition starts in:
00d:09h:11m :42s



General manager: Cees Pille
Stage victories-
Riders in the race9

One of the longest-standing sponsors in the World Tour peloton is now up for a new edition of the Vuelta a Espana, the 14th one to be more exact. The Belgians debuted in 1998 under the name Lotto-Mobistar and only changed their name in 2005. Their history goes back to 1985 though, with current Marc Sergeant as a team member.

The Lotto-sponsored team had experts all the time, but their first victory arrived in 2008, when Van Avermaet won against Rebellin and Flecha. Their best edition is 2010, when Philippe Gilbert sealed his talent and was named World Champion. Adam Hansen is another prominent name in their team, the man who impressed everyone in the final stage of the Vuelta a Espana 2014.

№ 1
Sander Armee
Born on 1985/10/01 at Leuven;1.90m/71kg
№ 2
Bart De Clercq
Born on 1986/26/08 at Zottegem;1.83m/67kg
№ 3
Thomas De Gendt
Born on 1986/06/11 at Sint-Niklaas; 1.77m/68kg
№ 4
Gert Dockx
Born on 1988/04/07 at Turnhout; 1.75m/64kg
№ 5
Adam Hansen
Born on 1981/11/05 at Southport; 1.86m/77kg
№ 6
Maxime Monfort
Born on 1983/14/01 at Bastogne; 1.81m/66kg
№ 7
Tosh Van Der Sande
Born on 1990/28/11 at Wijnegem; 1.78m/64kg
№ 8
Louis Vervaeke
Born on 1993/06/10 at Ronse; 1.80m/65kg
№ 9
Jelle Wallays
Born on 1989/011/05 at Belgium; 1.85m/77kg
Final Stage Competition starts in :
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