The 2019 Vuelta a España
is a three-week Grand Tour cycling stage racebetween 24 August and 15 September 2019
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General manager: Eusebio Unzué
Stage victories1
Riders in the race9

This team actually holds the record for the most participations at Spain's Grand Tour of cycling. Their 37th consecutive Vuelta will see some of the best names in their team compete. Valverde Alejandro obtained an incredible victory in 2015 at Vejer de la Frontera. Riders such as Jose Luis Laguia, Pedro Delgado, Abraham Olano, Pablo Lastras, Maria Jimenez are only some of the ones who contributed to the victory tally than comprises over 50 partial triumphs.

№ 1
Nairo Quintana
Born on 1990/04/02 at Combita;1.66m/58kg
№ 2
Jonathan Castroviejo
Born on 1987/27/04 at Getxo;1.71m/62kg
№ 3
Imanol Erviti
Born on 1983/15/11 at SPamplona; 1.89m/82kg
№ 4
Ruben Fernandez
Born on 1991/01/03 at Murcia; 1.77m/60kg
№ 5
Jose Herrada
Born on 1985/01/10 at Mota del Cuervo; 1.77m/66kg
№ 6
Daniel Moreno
Born on 1981/05/09 at Madrid; 1.73m/59kg
№ 7
Jose Joaquin Rojas
Born on 1985/08/06 at Cieza; 1.77m/70kg
№ 8
Rory Sutherland
Born on 1982/08/02 at Canberra; 1.88m/75kg
№ 9
Alejandro Valverde
Born on 1980/25/04 at Las Lumbreras; 1.77m/61kg
Final Stage Competition starts in :